Enhances Skills

Enhances essential skills for child developments – Creativity, Social/Emotional, Cognitive/Perceptual and Physical Skills (Fine Motor Controls).

Semi-Organic Forms

All new uniquely modern designed forms and colors which are inspired by real life 'natural resources'.

Unique Material

Unique Material – Made of high quality TPE plastic that gives it an interesting tactile texture.

What is Resources®?

Resources® is a modern construction toy that is inspired by 7 different resources used in real world constructions - Stone, Wood, Sand, Metal, Brick, Tree, and Water but simplified into friendly minimalistic forms. Resources’ purpose is to be a tool to reinforce the skills that modern children are lacking; ones can be learned from playing with the wild nature. And the limitation of the toy? That is totally depends on your creativity!


The Modern Construction Toy

We are living in an environment surrounded by wonderful creations that make our lives better in every way. As mankind progress something new is being invented everyday and the most valuable asset to drive the world forward is undoubtedly the power of imagination.


But no matter how far the world progress, there’s one simple truth about everything that we keep forgetting, everything that we can see around us can all be traced back to one common root and that is, ‘natural resources’… the fundamental of all creations.


Resources® is not just another set of construction toy. But each set consists of 7 uniquely designed forms that are all inspired by basic real-world ‘resources’ used to create actual modern world constructions.


The meaning behind the Odd-looking forms of Resources®

Because they are all inspired by different natural resources, we want it to be as authentic as playing with real nature.. And that is why we chose to stay true to its characteristics. All we did was simplifying them into clean modern design without losing the characteristic of nature. You will never expect stone and steel to be the same, would you?


No lock, no joint, no magnet

All it needs is ‘Balance’.

Construction toys have been around for hundreds of years, many of them require some kind of joining method whether they are locks, joints, magnets, or even Velcro BUT NOT Resources®.


Resources® proposes a break-through method, one that makes everything much simpler, “Balance” a method that enables new ways of interacting with the toy.

Sounds easy? Just give it a try and you will feel the differences.


Figure out why.. And next time it won’t fall (Problem Solving & Emotion Control)

Experiment things without boundaries from your own curiosity through trial and error- This is the perfect way to enhance IQ (Intelligence Quotient). It doesn’t matter if sometimes it doesn’t work as you imagined. This will expose the children to develop a strong EQ (Emotion Quotient) another development skill that is extremely crucial for modern days children .


Enhance concentration through the way of Zen

“Through concentration and focus nothing is too difficult, even finding peace.”

Utilizing the force of nature can create a very unique playing experience but at the same time it can become challenging sensation that makes playing more exciting. Take gravity and balance for an instant, the organic forms of Resources® will require more focus and determination than other toys in the category, this quality often reminds the player of Zen Buddhism practices like stone stacking and sand drawing.


So.. Adults, you don’t have to be shy if you find yourself enjoying Resources® !

Keep a set at your office - when you are stressed out. Try stacking a few stones or watching the movement of balls. Maybe you will find peace playing it.


Imagination Run Free

Would it be better if there were no longer any right or wrong, no certain way to play it?

Construction.. Role Playing.. Problem Solving.. You name it! The only limit is your imagination. Find the way to enjoy Resources® the most!

Hint: Not everyone enjoy doing the same things, of course.



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