Open-Ended Imagination

The set includes the cast, prop, and setting that are all opened to be moved around and rearranged. This will allow the kids to use their imagination without limits.

Enhance Storytelling Skill

Allow the kids to be the storyteller,

with Tell-O-Rama™ as the tool to develop them into a better storyteller.

Develop Family Communication Time

Storytime is one of the best time to bond and communicate with your family, Tell-O-Rama™ is the toy that will enhance that communication experience through fun stories.

Setting the stage for the next great storyteller.

Life is a great big story that takes you to new places, to meet unfamiliar faces, to experience individual stories that become great memories you will never forget and will be told over and over again. Through every little stories told, the story-teller will always develop one of the most important skill in this era of seamless communication. That’s why storytelling skill is the essential skill for your kids to be equipped wherever they go from playgrounds, classroom, presentation room, and even one day by the bedside of their future kids.


Tell-O-Rama™ is a set of wooden toy (or some may consider it as a tool) that will bring the elements of theatrical play like stage, prop and cast to turn any child into a professional storyteller.


Every good story starts by setting the right scene that’s why Tell-O-Rama™ uniquely allows each child to create his/her own setting to let the audience to have an idea what’s really happening inside the child’s imagination with pieces of elements from the sun to the stars, from mountains to the sea.


The twistable background of Tell-O-Rama™ allows the storyteller to transition from one setting to another, moving from dawn to dark, from summer to fall, equipping the child with the ability to dramatically change between acts or certain places in their storyline.


The second most important element of every story is the cast. In each set you will find a collection of neutral design cast that allow the kids to really use their imagination along with different props to spice up the story.


Every piece comes in a simplified design that will enhance and challenge the imagination of the player to exceed into a colorful world of creativity play.


For the first time, the parents can become the audience that can easily keep up with their child's imagination while they are encouraged to engage with the story by asking their child to elaborate the story. Family can even ask their child to tell the story about their child’s life today, to keep up and stay close to their daily life while also developing a close bond of trust within the family. And of course with every story told, your child will become a better “storyteller”.


And you know what they say about a child’s imagination, sky is not the limit.

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© Copyright Taksa Toys Limited | All Rights Reserved