‘Taksa’ means Skills

Our Belief

‘Taksa’ comes from a Thai word that can be translated to ‘Skills.’

At Taksa Toys, we believe every good toy should teach the kids a certain set of skills. Not only academic skills but those ‘human skills’ are as important or even more important.


Nature-Inspired Construction Play

Resources® is a whole new way of looking at construction toys. Do you think the same old building blocks are getting old fashion? We do too.

Our Happy Customers Say ❤️

I love the design!
The colors and the forms are all lovely… I love the interesting rubbery texture too.

I totally don’t regret buying this for my son. The toy allows me to see my son’s incredible imagination, which I never expected from playing with any other toys.

Teaching the kids about natural resources at a young age is a great idea! Kids these days need to have more awareness about the issue.


The Ancient Techniques for Future Creator

Have you ever dreamed of being a builder, engineer, or architect someday?
This toy is all about that but traced back to its very fundamentals.


Little Creatures that will take the Kids back to Nature

These little creatures will inspire you and your children to go back out to explore the wonders of nature! Customize your own LOCOMO® with elements of nature like branches, leaves & flowers.

RESOURCES® Playground

When Size Does Matter

Here comes the giant-size Resources®! Yes… It is based on the same design as the original Resources® that we came to know and love. Reimagined into an exciting playground for kids to play together, Resources® Playground has the most simple rule… to encourage collaboration and sharing.


Good for Toddlers to Masters

This Stacking toy is designed for toddlers but is also friendly to everyone in the family. It is the only toddler toy on earth that can be challenging, even for a full-grown adult like you …

Blue Mission

Co-Mission in the deep currents

This toy teaches scientific knowledge, enhances collaboration among players, creates awareness about global warming issues, and is fun to play with.

Our Achievements