Find the Balance

Learn to find the balance to stack the pieces up as high as possible. And challenge yourself with more advanced ways to stack. It is more challenging than it looks.

Stay Focus

To stack the pieces, you might have to use some concentration. So think of it as a moment to slow down from this fast-going world.

Made from Natural Rubber

The natural rubber material gives it the perfect texture and weight to have the best stacking experience.

‘Life is all about Balance.’

For those familiar with Taksa Toys Resources®, the nature-inspired construction toy, ‘Resources® Stack Master,’ is another interpretation of the toy but designed for toddlers AND everyone else in the family. It is the only toy we know that can be so simple that your toddlers can play, BUT it can also be so challenging, even for a full-grown adult like you… all achievable with the same simple set of Resources® Stack Master.

Inspired by the Zen practice of ‘Stone Meditation’ or ‘Stone Stacking,’ Resources® ‘Stack Master’ is a stacking/balancing toy that is inspired by the natural shape of rocks and pebbles to stack all of the pieces up together as high as you can, but it may not be as easy as it sounds.

Balance & Focus
Because of the odd semi-organic form that allows you to easily stack the pieces up by simply looking for the right face to place the pieces on top of the other and try to keep them balanced, you can try challenging yourself by stacking with the edges and angles. So you can challenge yourself with the Simple, Advanced, or Extreme method.

Don’t let the look fools you. Resources® ‘Stack Master’ may seem like a toddler toy for toddlers developing hand-eye coordination. Still, it is also a meditation toy to enhance mindfulness and focus, or it might even be your new favorite family party game!

Resources® Stack Master, Find your Balance.’