Learn from Nature

It encourages the kids to go out and explore nature’s elements, learn, and start appreciating the beauty around us.

Unlimited Imagination

Play without limit, as nature never gives the same playing experiences to trigger one’s imagination.

Enhance Gross & Fine
Motor Skills

Enhance ‘Gross Motor Development’ through outdoor experience and ‘Fine Motor’ as the children assemble and adjust their LOCOMO®

It’s time to get back out there!

The ever-changing Nature is inarguably the greatest teacher to humankind. Nature gives us an abundance of wonders to see, smell, hear, feel, understand, and ultimately learn from. But when was the last time you took your kids out to touch the grass, rest under the tree shade, warmed by the sun, and listen to the wind blow as the birds chirp and the squirrel plays? While there are so many good toys and games on the tables, children these days deserve more of that outdoor time.

Out there, nature is endlessly teaching us in so many ways, but we are only viewing them through some screens, documentary or an encyclopedia, or just looking through a window of a car. We want the kids to take a closer look, learn more about nature on a deeper level, and really see every small detail that makes every branch of nature so beautiful.

There’s a lot to learn from ever-changing nature, which gives an abundance of interesting kinds of stuff to trigger imagination and hands-on knowledge. Playing with nature encourages physical movement, observational skills, and imagination. Something that you would never get from a textbook.

The design is intended to be somewhat indefinite, so it is as open-ended as possible. Along with the beautifully designed organic form and subtle colors, we tried to find the material which is most Eco-Friendly and is capable of delivering LOCOMO® with the most beautiful finish and touch. Thanks to PlanWood™, which is made from natural rubberwood sawdust, the sustainable material that brings our product concept to the optimum.

‘LOCOMO’ comes from the English word ‘LOCOMOTION,’ which has a double meaning, ‘Moving from one place to another.’ In contrast, in science, the locomotory parts refer to the features used for MOVING animals (legs and arms) and plants (leaves, flowers, and branches). And you guessed it… That’s where the inspiration is from.