Our Belief

‘Taksa’ is a Thai word meaning ‘Skills.’ It is a word that inspires us when we start to think about children in so many ways. The little blank pages ready to be written on, we believe every child has so much potential to be amplified; they need the right pushes.

While others see them as just little kids wanting to have fun all the time, we see them as little geniuses, each with unique hidden talents waiting to be revealed in the proper contexts. At Taksa Toys, Skills are not just about being intelligent, scholarly, or able to outperform in sports or musically or artistically, but those ‘human skills’ are as important or even more important, for they are the foundation of everyday living.

Our Family

The company was founded by a one-of-a-kind family with a unique relationship that includes ‘2 generations of designers’ living under the same roof. Art and design-related conversation are one of the most talked-about topics in the family, followed by other intellectual discussions like morals, politics, science, or even religious points of view, that later heavily influence the thinking behind design works in significant ways.

Inspired by ‘The Son’s’ final year project in the School of Architecture and Design at KMUTT (Thailand), that for a year became about the only thing that they discussed in the family along with ‘The Dad’s’ long love of Toys, this project has often popped up during dinner talk and all other family time. Still, with their typical lack of motivation to really start making dreams into reality, every time, it always stops there. This was when ‘The Mom’ finally had to step in to push the Dad and Son to keep developing with a strong belief that the project has potential. In late 2015 they decided to launch their first product, ‘Resources®,’ to the market with unique ideas and designs and an interactive community with their customers.

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