Build Up Teamwork

Promote collaboration among children to help one another create great things. Learn to follow the rules and work with other people.

Enhance Skills

Enhance essential skills for child development – Social/Emotional, Creativity, Cognitive/Perceptual, and Physical Skills (Gross Motor Controls).

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Real-life ‘natural resources’ inspire all-new, uniquely modern designs, forms, and colors.

Learn to live together

It started from a graduating thesis of one of Taksa Toys’s founders, which foresaw the problems of children in modern society where the majority of time is spent playing games and consuming content on their mobile devices, causing a lack of physical mobility and lack of physical interaction with other children.

Resources® Playground is a playground designed to solve these problems. Each set includes 9 shapes inspired by natural resources: stone, wood, water, sand, steel, bricks, trees, people, and balls.

Children who are individual players will be given access to only one type of resource (according to the color of each person’s helmet). But to have fun and create imaginative things would require ‘resources’ from others that’s why collaborating with other players will become an integral part of the play, helping each other make great things happen. This will trigger developments in communication and collaboration skills and slowly make following the rules and living with others in society become their primary nature. Ultimately, Resources® Playground will also teach the children, our future leaders, to learn to manage the precious natural resources we have so limited.