‘Collaboration’ the Key to Success

Children will learn to collaborate to achieve the goal and have fun together.

More Love Our Ocean

Create awareness about the problems of the ocean and the global warming issue. This will help to cultivate their mission of trying to save this world.

Learn Basic Science

Play to learn scientific knowledge about rotation, force, current, direction, X-Y components, and more.

Co-Mission in the Deep Currents

Calling all adventurers to embark on an adventure to the vast ocean on this Blue Mission™!

Gather your crew and unite to control the current, navigate the ship, and save our ocean together!

You and your friends will team up to take control of the water currents with this unique water-based toy that will allow you and your teammates to direct the yellow rescue submarine to various critical rescue missions to save the ocean. Sitting on each corner of ‘Blue Mission™,’ players will be tasked with controlling the water turbines and manipulating currents to steer the submarine through the water. To do that, you will have to work together!

Science teachers will love this toy!

This unique water-based toy will hint at the basis of physics, water current, and force without the kids knowing, enhance collaboration among players to achieve together, and create awareness about global warming issues. It is enjoyable and challenging without anybody having to lose because saving the ocean is a big WIN for everyone.