No Joint, No Lock, No Magnet

Learn how the master builders of the ancient world did it – The set mimic the great architectural construction of the past and reveals the mystery in a fun and simple way.


Step-by-step guide – With the visual walkthrough of each step of the building – Teaching kids to learn to follow a series of complex instructions.

Unique Material

Unique Material – Made of high-quality TPE plastic that gives it an interesting tactile texture.

Build it like the Master

The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans are cited as the master architects of the past. Thousands of years ago, they invented the fundamental elements of buildings that modern days architects still adopt, such as columns, arches, and domes. What’s remarkable about these lasting architectural innovations, though, is that they were invented in much simpler times. So how did they get these massive structures to hold? Ancient builders relied on the basic of gravity and alignment to create their great civilizations, and with this kit, you and the little one can experience that with your own eyes & hands!

Arch•Kid•Tech® is the ancient architectural building blocks set packed with educational benefits for children and adults. In each series, an understanding of classic structures happens as you place and move pieces. Playing naturally becomes an activity of concentration AND critical thinking. After the first few trials of following the steps, you’re infinitely free to tweak and invent your own classic structures. Who knows? Maybe your children will be the next great builder with something the Greeks, Romans, or modern-day creators haven’t.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So is a great builder.

With only a few elements, the great builders of the past had constructed marvels that are still standing to this very day, even without the help of any adhesive or lock. But how did the great Greek and Roman builders construct such extravagant sites with just one element of sandstones? Let’s find out with Arch•Kid•Tech®, the simplified version of the ancient architectures that will allow you to experience these techniques firsthand!